Particular about the material.

Using 100% Tochigi leather It’s vital for the top warriors fighting everyday in the universe to use top –quality material. A Japanese company that has decided not to compromise will bring forth the worlds finest. Tochigi leather is also one of them.

100% natural leather sweet to the bare foot Unfortunately, the majority of real leather uses harmful chemicals to dye the leather. Tochigi leather’s value is from dying the leather over time, with natural plants. Therefore it can’t be helped that the primary leather has more stains and scratches compared to other leathers. Production is taken place to avoid such spots as much as possible; therefore the value of the leather rises.

Depending on the application we would like you to determine the sandal’s sole.
Imagine the setting, the office, golf course, at home, summer resort, etc. Leather sole? Or a rubber sole? Please choose whether you will add a decorative nail or not.

In order to be able to use it for a long time, we will re-cover the sole. Don’t hesitate to consult repair.
※Adopting VIBROM for the sole