In order to be able to use it regularly for a long time
Fabric, comfortable fitting thoroughly investigated, top - quality Gomosu sandals.

With the concept of “don’t compromise top-quality sandal” Gomosu sandal is richly hand made using Tochigi leather. While personalizing it, combining America and antique We have created a polished, refined design.



  • アルバ¥127,000

  • MW¥127,000

  • MW¥127,000

4 different faint smelling Gomosu Leather treatment wax

  • 1,800円
  • 2,700円

This is Gomousu’s original faintly smelling leather treatment wax. We only use products such as domestically made beeswax and natural cosmetic ingredients that use jojoba oil as the main ingredients, that are used in top-quality cosmetic products, so rest assured. None of the leather’s natural nasty shine, moisturizing, waterproof, or for those that dislike the unique smell of leather if you use this wax It’ll make you feel good with its faint smells freeing you from the stinky odors. The aroma isn’t an air freshener, but perfume cosmetic ingredients that are used in cosmetics.

We have four different types of scents, which are shampoo, musk, flower, and no-scent (natural). All of which are faint scents, which are not unpleasant but will soothe you. Not only can you use this for leather, but you can also use it on wooden furniture, bamboo, vinyl, plastic, metal, etc.

Caution before use

・Depending on the leather, it may stain, color loss, or the color may deepen, so make sure you test it out on a place that doesn’t stand out.
・You cannot use it on buff leather like suede leather


・Clean the dirt and dust on leather before usage, with a soft cloth put it a thin layer on evenly
・Once it has saturated, polish it with a soft cloth
・Always shut the cap after use, do not put it in direct sunlight or in hot places, storage in a place where small children cannot reach.


Ingredients: Domestic made beeswax, jojoba oil, Vaseline, lanolin, cosmetic fragrance
Net weight: 65 grams
Type: Oil based
Color: Colorless